The Whole Enchilada Spirit

The entrepreneurial journey can be long and lonely at times. Our podcast exists to encourage those braving the trek, so they know they are not alone.

- Mitch Santala
The Place
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Those who pursue The Whole Enchilada life can describe in detail their grand destination, the end of the rainbow, the place they need to reach. They love that kind of vision. And it's usually the point where it all begins.

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The Path

The path taken by entrepreneurial spirits is not straight, nor short, and certainly not downhill. It often prepares them to carry the reward once they arrive. The road is filled with adventure and, most importantly, leads to their big dream.

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The Person
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The person who embodies The Whole Enchilada way of life seeks to create legacy, dares to take risks others won't, and holds the entrepreneurial fire in their chest. They understand that the person they become is as important as the place they are headed and the path they take to get there.

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The Whole Enchilada

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